World, City & Local Area

Map of Scandinavia's fine furniture makers. Commissioned by London based interior designer, Rose Uniacke.

Copenhagen. Designer's workshops and showrooms.

Copenhagen. Famous landmarks and places of interest for the design community.

An explorer's journey. The 45,000 mile route walked, cycled, ridden and paddled by Charlie Walker between

Timeline around the border with distances between cities.

Stretch of the Devon coastline commissioned as a wedding present.

Garden plan for a historic house.

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World & City

Our unique style of maps, and exceptional level of detail is occasionally called upon by private and commercial clients outside of the rural industries.

We produce fine world maps, city plans with information personalised to client. 

Working closely with you to achieve a bespoke, highly personalised style suited to your home or place of display

These are typically one offs, or sold in very limited numbers.

Local Area

Choose an area important to you and we’ll map it. Ranging in size from your local village to the entire county.  

A wonderful way to appreciate what you’ve got around you. For those who enjoy the great outdoors we can add footpaths, bridleways, perhaps even a favourite fishing spot known only to you.

These maps make wonderful gifts and can be customised with personal title blocks.

Most are destined to be framed and hung on the wall. But we can also print onto wallpaper, coasters, even Christmas wrapping paper.