The Process

Getting UK maps underway takes less than a minute of your time. Just enter our code to your RPA account.

Granting access to RLR field boundaries     

It will then give you permission level to grant. We only need the lowest (Helper). This lets us view your land parcels but not make any changes or see any sensitive information.

An informal discussion. Over the phone, in person at the studio or on the property.

  • What you want the map to achieve. A functional tool to aid in management of the property, something smart for the wall. A gift etc.
  • What you would like shown/included on the map.
  • Level of detail
  • Size and quantity of prints
  • Timescale

Drawing up a quotation.

  • Establishing the extent of the map, and surrounding area to be included.
  • An itemised quotation will be emailed through.

Placing an order.

  • Confirmation in writing/email.
  • A deposit for approx. 50% of the cost will be payable before commencing work.

Providing us with what we need.

  • Send through any relevant old maps and plans

Preparing a draft

  • We’ll send a draft through on
  • You mark on changes and post back.