Rural Maps provides an extensive range of services. Below are the most common requests for rural properties.


If you require something not listed, just ask.


We have produced world maps for great explorers, golf courses, school maps, building plans, garden plans for country houses, county maps, vineyard maps, maps for hotels and their surrounding area and ranch maps.


Price Guide

Functional Maps Features Decorative Maps
Field Boundaries (RPA/RLR/RPW/RPID)
Given Names (Tom's Wood, Bottom Field etc.)
Parcel IDs & Sizes
Table of field names, sizes and total area
Colour coded / classified land use
Public Rights of Way
  Shoot drives, pegs & flushing points
  In-field trees & hedgerows
Emergency procedures & information  
First aid boxes, local defibrillator location and nearest A&E  
Firefighting equipment locations  
Air evac / assigned helicopter landing zones  
Serious fertiliser spillage protocols  
Important contact numbers  
Risk areas & exclusion zones  
1x Large wipe clean / felt tip board  
12x Water & tearproof folded pocket/glovebox maps  
Digital PDF copy  
  1x Archive quality paper Giclée print (for framing)
£770 500ac £2280
£1060 1000ac £2950
£1560 2000ac £4070

Available on request

  Private & mains water systems  
  Gas pipes  
  Land drainage  
  Electric cables  
  BT Telephone lines  
  Property Management  
  Tenancy boundaries & names  
  Environmental Stewardship (ELS&HLS)  
  Country Sports  
  Blinds / High seats  
  River beat guides / Fishing maps  
  Horse trial routes & jumps  
  Management plans  
  Extraction routes & stack locations  
  Vineyards & Orchards  
  Detailed planting plans (varietal clones, rootstocks, row numbers)  
  Wildlife / Game scenes  
  Coats of Arms  
  After something that is not listed? Just ask.  
  Assumptions for above prices  
  The property is located in a rural area of England (Not Wales, Scotland or Ireland)  
  The average field/parcel size is >10ac.  
  The map area, squared up around the boundary is no more than 3x the size of the property.  
  (ie. 500ac farm spread over 1500ac area)  
  Scale of 1:5000  


If you require a larger area please call us on 01962 793468.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Prices are correct as of September 2019 but are subject to change.