Farm & Estate - Decorative

Formal landscapes around the family home

Illustrated ranch map in Florida

Illustration of family pets & working dogs

A fine estate map.

Exceptional level of detail, including individual trees.

Given field names and property boundary

Archeological records

For maps showing shoot drives, please see our 'Sporting Map' page.

Personalised title block

Coat of arms, land use table and decorative border

Table of land use & cropping

Portugese estate map

Vineyards on the bank of the River Guadiana in Portugal

Pine and Holmoak plantation in Portugal.

Scale bar

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With inspiration drawn from the Victorian era, our award winning decorative maps are accurate to the present day.

Drawn digitally these maps show a high level of detail. Field and woodland boundaries, paths and public rights of way, buildings,

Often ornately decorated with coats of arms and cartouches they capture the grandeur of the great estate maps commissioned in the 19th Century.

Printed in large formats on the highest quality paper these maps lend themselves to being framed and hung.

Marries detailed information about the estate with beautiful graphics

Financial Times. The art of hand-drawn map making. April 2016


Field & Woodland boundaries
Given names and sizes.
Table of field names, sizes & total area
Individual in-field trees and hedgerows
Contour lines
Ownership/Property boundary
County/Parish boundary
Personalised title block


Giclee, archive quality printing on heavyweight fine art paper. 

Available on request:

Illustrations - views and vignettes, game scenes, wildlife
Family crest / coat of arms / monogram
Archeological records / finds
Family / animal burial sites
Boundary markers; cairns, posts, trees etc.
Rented land
County/Parish boundary

Shooting / Sporting maps.

For maps with shoot drives, please see our 'Sporting Maps' page.